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Vlamingstraat 33
8000 Brugge


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By car:

E40 Brussels-Ostend or A17 Lille-Kortrijk-Bruges, exit 8 direction Bruges. See map of Bruges hereafter.
Park in the Biekorf parking Naaldenstraat 10 or park on the Sint-Jansplein ou Vlamingstraat, near the museum.

For a more detailed routing, visit the site

3/Lumina Domestica

By bus:

The specially designated car park for busses (Katelijnebrug/Bargeplein) has a capacity of about 120 busses and is situated on the ring road around Bruges at about 500 meters from the station.
This car park is about 30 minutes away from the Market Place and hence from the museum.

By train:

Details in relation to the connections can be found on site
The train station of Bruges is at about a 30 minutes walking distance from the museum.

You can walk to the museum or take the bus.

By bus :

Flixbus offers long-distance journeys both within Belgium and to the neighboring countries and is an inexpensive way to reach your city of Bruges.

Further information can be found here :

By city bus from the station :

At the train station you take a bus going to Brugge Centrum.
There is a bus every 10 minutes. You get off at the Central Market Place (Belfort). The Frietmuseum is only 300 meters away.
If you want more information on the city busses see or call 070/220.200

By bicycle or walking:

The Frietmuseum is situated in the heart of Bruges.
The road to the museum brings you along nice buildings and places if you decide to cycle or walk.

Leave the station by crossing the avenue and go to the left. Follow Oostmeers until you reach the place 't Zand.
Then take the Steenstraat at your right. It is a very popular shopping street. You reach the Central Market Place.

There, with your back to the Belfort, you will find at the other side of the market on the right the Vlamingstraat.