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For fans of the Citroën 2CV

Kris Verboven visited the Potato Chip museum in Bruges.

Kris owns a chip shop in Merksem and uses his car, a Citroën 2CV, painted canary yellow and fitted with an enormous bag of chips, to promote it.

Kris presented us with a booklet containing an article about his car and a replica of it in miniature. Both can now be seen on exhibit at the Potato Chip Museum in Bruges.

Frituur Kris, Sint-Bartholomeusstraat 120, 2170 Antwerp.

Nero showcase and Nero lunch

In our chip or fries museum we dedicated a showcase to the Belgian comic Nero, designed by Marc Sleen.

In several of the Nero stories appear fries and fry shops.

We also serve a Nero lunch.

It is composed of :

  1. a nice portion of fries served in a Nero wrapping
  2. accompanied with Nero sauce
  3. and a Nero beer (or another drink)

and this at 6,5 EURO.

nero    nero

nero    nero

nero    nero

nero    nero

Life and eat Tienen

The potato fries museum (Frietmuseum) participated with a fry shop to the "day of the vegetables" organized by the city of Tienen in Belgium on the 25/09/2010.
Eddy Cooremans fried 260 kg of potatoes. We distributed them for free to the many visitors.

His wife Josée was preparing the portions, fries and Légumaise sauces from Frank Fol. She reached almost the 2000 portions !


At the occasion of the week of the Belgian fries (chips), nine well-known Flemish personalities designed a special chip fork.

These creations have been auctioned on e-Bay.

The Frietmuseum Bruges has been able to buy them all, with the purpose to help Cliniclowns but also to put them on display in the museum.

Opening of the Frietmuseum in Bruges

The official opening of the Frietmuseum took place on Saturday 26th of April in presence of Patrick Moenaert Mayor of Bruges, the aldermen Bogaerts, Boydens, Roose and Vandenberghe, other personalities and business partners.

The Mayor cuts the ribbon together with Eddy Van Belle.

We had the visit of Messrs. Hoeberigs father and son.

Father Hoeberigs is the inventor of the fry-matic in 1965, for this invention he was awarded a gold medal at the inventors fair in Brussels.

He is from Bruges, so he is very pleased that the Frietmuseum opened in his hometown.

In 1989 he invented the Fry baker, an automatic machine heating 1 portion of fries. It is exhibited in the museum.