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Quiz for the children

Quiz about the fries museum for children 6-12 years (40 Ko) (we send the answers by email on demand)

Information for teachers

"The Potato has its own story to tell too" in word (48 Ko)

"The fascinating history of the potato" in ppt (775 Ko)

Teaching file

Teaching file (for 8-9 years old children) about potatoes and fries.
Preparatory lesson and assimilation activity for students :
download it here (1,69 Mo)

Rules in the museum

- Drinks and food are not allowed in the   museum
- Smoking is strictly forbidden
- Animals are not allowed
- Chewing gums, papers, … have to be thrown in the bin
- Look at the objects with your eyes… not with your hands
- The whole museum is equipped with control cameras
- Do not forget that you are not alone in the museum…do not be too noisy
- Large backpacks have to be left in the cloakroom
- The signal system in the museum has always to be respected